Why Should Anybody Rely On The Bible?

A statement is regarded as true if corresponds to the way the world actually is. As I observe the world we live in, I become more aware of how accurate the Bible is when it describes the human experience.

As humans we observe the following:

  1. We live in a universe that seems to point to something beyond itself. It came into being out of nothing and appears to have been designed by something much greater than ourselves.

  2. Despite all of our frailties as a species (it takes us a year to walk) our intellect is far superior than any other being on the planet. It’s almost as if we’ve been specifically selected to rule the earth.

  3. Our intellect allows us to perceive right and wrong. We have the free will to choose right, but often and consistently choose what we know to be wrong, for which we often feel guilty.

The Bible explains:

  1. God, the only self-existent and all-powerful being, created the universe.

  2. We were made in the image of God to rule and subdue the earth.

  3. Our sin-nature causes us to use our free will to disobey God’s moral law.

If you’ve ever been sick and can’t figure out why, it’s a great feeling when the doctor is able to diagnose your symptoms. The ability of the doctor to properly explain what is wrong with you, in a way that is consistent with your experience, makes you feel comfortable enough to rely on that doctor. We should rely on the Bible for the same reasons.

But we don’t just want a proper diagnosis, we also want a cure. Like a good doctor, the Bible not only gives us the diagnosis, it offers us hope of a cure.

The Bible explains:

  1. Since God is just, He, like any good judge, must punish us for our misdeeds. We must pay a penalty.

  2. We can’t afford to pay the penalty.

  3. Out of love, God offers us a pardon. Jesus is punished in our place, so that we can stand before God with a clean slate.

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