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Dating Advice That Never Gets Old

I was speaking with someone recently about her friend’s marriage troubles; we’ll call this friend “Samantha.” Samantha’s story broke my heart. Essentially Samantha feels neglected and emotionally abused. To top it off, Samantha strongly suspects her husband of cheating. Whenever … Continue reading

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Bad Religion

I few months back I happened to be talking to somebody and the topic of religion came up. We were discussing the hundreds of Nigerian girls that were kidnapped by the Islamic terrorists, Boko Haram. The person said, “That’s why … Continue reading

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Congress Feeds Hobby Lobby Hysteria

Democrats have proposed a bill in Congress that seeks to overturn the court’s recent ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby. Last week the Supreme Court held that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA) prevents the government from forcing Hobby Lobby … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. Christian, What’s Your Motive?

Recently, I was thinking about a particular scene in the movie “Training Day.” In the scene, Alonzo (a cop played by Denzel Washington) jokingly says to Hoyt (his young protégé played by Ethan Hawke) that every criminal a cop kills … Continue reading

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