Religion Versus Science: Can Science Support Religious Belief?


Sometimes our culture seems to suggest that science and religious belief are opposed to one another. It’s as if you can only believe in one. Some people assume that being a scientist or having a technical background leads people away from religious belief, while others believe that religious people are necessarily anti-science. I think both of these assumptions are false. There are many examples throughout history, both past and present, of prominent scientists with deeply held religious beliefs, such as Sir Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Johannes Kepler and Francis Collins. Kepler’s view was that when people explore the universe and try to understand it, they are merely “thinking God’s thoughts after Him.” The truth is that a scientist’s religious belief or lack thereof says more about the person than it does about the conclusions to be drawn from science. A scientist is just as likely as anyone else is to fall into the habit of letting their personal views influence their professional opinion.

Many would be surprised to learn that recent scientific discoveries about the features of our universe gives support to what the Bible says in Psalms 19:1-2:

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.”

As the short video below explains, our universe appears to have been finely tuned for intelligent life such that a person, regardless of their religious views or lack thereof, could conclude that God’s existence is the best explanation.


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3 Responses to Religion Versus Science: Can Science Support Religious Belief?

  1. Hussel man says:

    That is a nice subject that tends to divide people of religious faith and those lacking. As a youngster I was often in the discussion with adults talking about science class. Since 6th grade I had a fondess for science class (thanks to me. harrilel [better than ms. Trinidad]) the adults I was around always asked about the Big Bang theory and evolution. I would always argue what I as taught which was it is a theory. The adults I spoke with ultimately led me down the road that a theory is a story that can be mad up from an imaginative mind. For science to have so many absolutes that discredit the religious ideas how. One they don’t have an absolute to their own existence.

    I believe this world was created by a diety based on faith but science can’t define faith so they discredit it. I want them to use the same reasoning on the development of this world and see what they come with.

  2. Dayo Adeyeye says:

    Great post! Science and religion does not have to contradict.

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