How Many Lives Is the Second Amendment Worth?

2nd Amendment

I love the 2nd amendment, and not just because shooting guns is fun. I love it for what it represents. We saw what happened in China at Tiananmen Square when unarmed protestors were gunned down, with only rocks to defend themselves. We know that in places like North Korea and other countries, dictators like those pictured above can very easily terrorize and control citizens who are powerless to stop them. The ability for ordinary people to form an armed resistance is an important check on tyranny.

That being said, I’m tired of the death. The price of this precious right has become too costly. The abuses of this right seems to have far outweighed the actual benefits. It’s been abused by those who care more about defending their favorite pastime sport, than they care about checking tyranny. It’s been abused even more severely by those who have committed mass murder; the massacre at an Oregon community college being the latest example. The reality is that America doesn’t need the 2nd Amendment the way it used to. I don’t think the redcoats are coming back. As someone who enjoys going to the shooting range, I’m willing to curtail this freedom just a bit more. It can’t just be the case that each side to this debate is so paralyzed by their own agenda that nothing gets done.

To be clear, I’m not convinced that stricter gun laws will actually prevent mass murders. Even fact checkers like have acknowledged that the US is not really an outlier in mass shootings among developed nations. Stricter gun laws aren’t a magic pill or a guarantee. However, as someone whose heart breaks for the lives lost and their families, I think we should try anyway. Something has to be done. I think the effort is worth it to try and save innocent lives. The regularity of these incidents has changed the culture of America. As Obama said in his recent remarks, it’s becoming too routine. I’m tired of being paranoid on the train going to work. I wouldn’t feel safer with more people carrying guns. At this point, if for no other reason, let’s work together to try reasonable, stricter gun laws so that we can eliminate it from the list of options. What have we got to lose?

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  1. Chidinma Ume says:

    Agreed. We need better regulation but also, we’ve got to better understand why the kind of thinking that drives people to do this and what is it about shooting innocent people that makes these acts so attractive to these shooters. Additionally, traditional punishment is clearly not a deterrent to these folks, as it seems that they accept the consequences before deciding to murder in mass. So, we must think of other ways to discourage people from committing these, even if they legally possess the very guns that they may come to abuse.

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