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Can We Disagree Without Being Disagreeable?

“But whenever you enter a town and they do not receive you, go into its streets and say, even the dust of your town that clings to our feet we wipe off against you. Nevertheless know this, that the kingdom … Continue reading

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Separation of Church and State

Religious freedom was one of the most fundamental beliefs in the early history of this country. When the United States was founded, our Declaration of Independence made it clear that our basis for seeking to break ties with our colonizers … Continue reading

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He is Patient

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to minister to some at-risk youths. My church visited a shelter for homeless teens and runaways. Many of the teens had either suffered through tragic circumstances or had been victims of abuse. The plan … Continue reading

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Where Do We Go From Here?

With all the emotions surrounding the shooting death of Michael Brown by Police Officer Darren Wilson and the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict, it’s been very difficult to gather my thoughts into a coherent response. I view this tragedy … Continue reading

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The Consequences of Selling Sex

It’s tough being a woman these days. Earlier this week a video was released showing what women deal with when walking down the street in public. In the video, an actress walked the streets of Manhattan for 10 hours and … Continue reading

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Ben Affleck Shows Us America’s Problem

Actor, director and all around superstar Ben Affleck made an appearance on the latest episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher”, which aired last Friday. One segment of the show is getting a lot of attention. In the segment host Bill … Continue reading

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Religion Versus Science: Can Science Support Religious Belief?

Sometimes our culture seems to suggest that science and religious belief are opposed to one another. It’s as if you can only believe in one. Some people assume that being a scientist or having a technical background leads people away … Continue reading

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Too Many Gods To Believe In Any

A few weeks ago I was speaking with a young adult in my church; we’ll call her Betty. Betty had just begun her first semester in college and discovered that one of her professors was very vocal about his atheism. Betty … Continue reading

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Where Are You Dr. King?

It happened, again. Another incident which, on its face, looks like the latest example of police brutality against a person of color. This time it was in Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. On August 9th, 2014 Michael Brown, an unarmed … Continue reading

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Could Suicide Be Rational?

Today, millions of people are mourning because of the death of comedian and actor Robin Williams. Williams was an amazingly talented person. He was a recipient of numerous awards, including an Oscar for his role in “Good Will Hunting.” My … Continue reading

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